Beijing Sailong international cultural and creative park

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Located at the southeast end of National Culture Industry Innovation Experiment Zone, Beijing Sailong international cultural and creative park has the largest cylinder cement warehouse group in Asia. Nowadays, all of the 46 cylinder cement warehouses are illuminated at night, presenting a new night view of the corridor connecting the core area of the capital and its subcenter. Sailong has not only become a new landmark in the renovation of old factory houses but also set up an example for the upgrading of state-owned enterprises.

By combining its unique characteristics as an industrial site and space resources, Sailong is advancing the appraisement of the second phase renovation project of the 46 cylinder warehouses and planning large exhibitions like the “Belt and Road art show” to build a well-known cultural and creative park with distinctive features in the region by taking the advantages of the policies of Beijing city and Chaoyang district and the municipal industrial development directions and responding to the “Belt and Road” construction.

With Shuangqiao Donglu in the east and Guangqu Lu in the south, Beijing Sailong international cultural and creative park covers an area of 72 mu (4.8 hectares), including a construction area of 24,000 square meters. The special buildings and favorable environment have made Sailong stand out among a number of industrial parks in Chaoyang and become a “new example” of the transformation and upgrading of state-owned enterprises.

The predecessor of Sailong was Beijing Shengli building materials and cement warehouses attached to Shuangqiao farm of Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group. The park had gone through renovation and upgrading of over one year co-funded by Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group and China Power Media Group since April 2014. It has become a cultural and creative complex attracting industries like film and TV production, advertisement design, network service, art exhibition, leisure and entertainment.

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