‘Filial piety parking spaces’ built in Ximu Community, Haidian

2017-11-14 13:38 千龙网

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Recently, ten “filial piety parking spaces” were exclusively built for the car owners who visit their parents at the No. 137, North Road of West Fourth Ring Road of Ximu Community of Tiancunlu Subdistrict of Haidian District in Beijing. The ten spaces have been warmly welcomed by residents since they were put into use in early November.

“It is very practical for the families like us who don’t live with children and have children pay a visit on weekends. Now we don’t need to get up early to find and reserve parking spaces for children, and sometimes we were anxious for we couldn’t find one before,” an elder from the No. 137 community said with satisfactionn, who got a free parking ticket of the “filial piety parking spaces”.

Built in the late 1970s, the No. 137 community is an old community with limited parking spaces and it is surrounded by subway stations and bus stops, so it is very difficult for children to find a parking space when they visit parents on weekends. “The parking spaces are not enough here as we have a total of 280 parking spaces, but there are more than 300 registered vehicles. We build “filial piety parking spaces” to provide convenience to residents and encourage more children to give more filial piety to their parents,” Xin Yun, director of Ximu Community committee, introduced.

The ten “filial piety parking spaces” were built on a wasteland overgrown with weeds at the corner of the community. Previously, the land was neither beautiful nor safe for residents put their vegetable boxes or piled worn furniture there. By the end of this June, the new residential property company began to renovate the land, clean up and remove debris and build the small parking lot with “filial piety parking spaces”.

The “filial piety parking spaces” open from 8 am to 8 pm on weekends or holidays. The 65-year-old-plus elders who live in the community can register and get free parking tickets with identity cards one day in advance at the property company. The children with the free parking tickets can enjoy free parking for four hours a time. Car owners can also make an appointment with the property company on the phone for parking from Monday to Friday, and the parking lot can serve for the teachers of the school across the street during working hours.

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