Nearly 50 new shop windows debut on Wangfujing Street

2017-11-08 16:28 千龙网

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Recently, Wangfujing Street has become more beautiful as nearly 50 shop windows of 12 businesses like Beijing Department Store and Xinhua Bookstore debuted on the street after upgrading and renovation.

This August, twelve members of Wangfujing Chamber of Commerce took the lead in upgrading and renovating shop windows. In order to promote businesses’ awareness of shop window design, the chamber also invited design expert Yu Ximan to give trainings and lectures for member businesses.

In the past, the shop window design was quite polarized on Wangfujing Street with 30 percent of businesses having no shop windows, most of the rest simply displaying products while some international businesses having perfect designed shop windows.

This time, more than 20 hand-made shop windows were added for the businesses like Baicao Drugstore, New China Children’s Store and China Photo Studio. The shop windows were well designed with various materials instead of the pervious simple pasted prints.

The upgrading design of Beijing Department Store adopted diversified forms of shop windows like semi-transparent display ones, three-dimensional ones and three-dimensional light boxes so that the whole building looks more high-end and international now.

Currently, the renovation and improvement task has been overfulfilled on Wangfujing Street and more businesses will join the campaign of upgrading shop windows.

It is learned that a shop window design contest will be held to select ten most beautiful shop windows on Wangfujing Street. The winners will be rewarded so as to motivate businesses to enhance shop windows’ quality to beautify the street.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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