DIY chocolate activity held for elders

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Elders make chocolate during a senior DIY chocolate activity at Dayabao Community of Jianguomen Subdistrict of Dongcheng District, Beijing, Nov. 6, 2017. [Photo by courtesy of Jianguomen Subdistrict Office/Qianlong]

A senior DIY chocolate activity was held by the beautiful sunset elderly care service team, a community volunteer service organization, at Dayabao Community of Jianguomen Subdistrict of Dongcheng District in Beijing on November 6, 2017. On the theme of “respecting, loving and delighting the elderly”, this innovative activity aims to help pass on the national tradition of respecting and loving elders.

The DIY activity had two sections: first the younger elderly handmade chocolate to experience the pleasure of doing handwork; second the younger elderly were invited to send the handmade chocolate to the very elderly in the community.

The younger elderly were grouped in pairs, each given a mould, a chocolate bar, hot water, small cups, chopsticks and other raw materials. All of them cooperated with each other with full enthusiasm and worked at their own works with great care in a pleasant and lively atmosphere.

Through hard work, six fine and colorful chocolate moulds of various shapes were soon filled up. And they were placed in a freezer for cooling.

Meanwhile, the very elderly invited by the community arrived for the activity. Although most of them are almost 90 years old, they were in a good mood and healthy, especially with a clear mind. They actively introduced themselves and took the initiative to share their views on life.

An old man said sincerely, “Now I am 87. I will take good care of myself so as not to trouble the country and family. I think this is my greatest contribution.” “I really want to live for another 500 years to witness a better and stronger country,” an old man expressed his blessings in a forceful tone. The people present were deeply impressed by their young state of mind and optimistic attitude toward life and they gave the warmest applause and sincere wishes to the elderly.

Finally, the freshly made chocolate was placed on the table. “It tastes sweet, not usually bitter, and it is handmade without pollution. Most of all, it is unique and meaningful with the ideas of makers,” said a senior with emotion after tasting the chocolate.

Community service workers were delighted at the satisfaction of the elderly. They said, “In the past, we paid visits to express greetings to the elderly or organized activities for them. Though these activities were also welcomed by the elderly, we didn’t think we had done enough. Our community’s elders are capable and in good health, so we decided to hold the first chocolate DIY activity for them. This activity enables elders to experience more fun in life.”

Next, the community plans to organize more up-to-date and colorful activities in new forms so that the elderly can really feel love and enjoy fun.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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