Xicheng opens adolescent food and drug safety popularization and practice base

2017-11-03 14:35 千龙网

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An official from Desheng Subdistrict’s food and drug administration plays a game on food and drug safety with pupils from Wulutong Primary School in Xicheng District, Beijing, Nov. 2, 2017. [Photo by Ouyang Xiaojuan/Qianlong]

Xicheng’s first food and drug safety popularization and practice base for the young was inaugurated at the Desheng Subdistrict on November 2, 2017, aiming to promote the popularization of science in the primary and secondary schools of the subdistrict.

On this day, the subdistrict’s food and drug administration brought 100 food safety rapid test packages to the pupils from Wulutong Primary School and guided them to do small experiments for detecting pesticides on vegetables and clenbuterol in meat. The experiment helped pupils strengthen their ability to identify counterfeit and poor-quality food in practice and further understand the hazards of unqualified food.

Besides the quick detection experiment, Dr. Zhang Yubo from Beijing Technology and Business University gave a brief but in-depth lecture on food safety to students and explained common unsafe food and its hazards, which wowed present pupils.

It is learned that a long-term mechanism for giving food safety lectures in schools has been established that the Xicheng District’s food and drug administration will regularly invite food safety experts to popularize and explain food safety knowledge for students at school.

After the experiment and lecture, many students expressed that they have gained a deep understanding of the importance of food safety and in the future they will resolutely say no to unsafe food and junk food and strive to be a food safety guard.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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