Beijing builds 1st construction bidding e-platform

2017-10-17 09:37 千龙网

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The Construction Bid Invitation Qualification Preview on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of the National Speed Skating Oval for the 2022 Winter Olympics was released recently. The project has been included in the first full process electronic construction bidding platform in China. According to Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and The Construction Project Contract Awarding and Contract Trading Center of Beijing, information release, bid submission by enterprises and bid evaluation by experts can all be completed through the electronic platform. It is estimated that the full process electronization of construction bidding can cut the bidding costs of enterprises by 260 million yuan (about $ 39.51 million) in a year.

Over 1,700 construction projects have gone through full process electronic bidding since it was promoted throughout Beijing in 2017.

In terms of streamlining administrative procedures, the electronic platform can give an intelligent review of the application information from enterprises according to standards. After the information is checked, it is accepted for further examination. The smart notification function enables people to learn about the instant verification result from a text message sent to their mobile phones. “It improves efficiency and saves time, manpower and transport costs of enterprises,” said an official.

As online bidding costs little and is highly efficient, energy saving and environmentally friendly, the number of bidders for every single project has risen from 21 to 70 on average, greatly motivating enterprises’ enthusiasm to participate in market competition and cutting the annual cost of enterprises on paper bidding documents from hundreds of thousands yuan to zero.

责任编辑:Lu Qing(QN0047)

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