Beijing watches officials in anti-pollution battle

2017-10-13 09:12 Xinhua

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BEIJING - Beijing will take a closer look at the performance of officials in improving air quality during the pollution-plagued autumn and winter seasons, according to a work plan issued by the city's discipline inspection and supervision commission.

The work plan will help the city achieve its goal to cut the average density of PM2.5 airborne particles by 25 percent, and the number of days suffering severe air pollution by 20 percent, respectively, year on year during the period.

It will target poor supervision of the implementation of anti-pollution measures involving management of high-polluting vehicles and enterprises, coal burning and dust.

Last month, 14 subdistricts and townships were named and shamed by the city's authorities for inadequate anti-pollution efforts.

Air pollution tends to increase in winter when the atmosphere is more static and some households turn on coal-burning heaters.

来源标题:Beijing watches officials in anti-pollution battle

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