BJ to promote mobile TCM health stations in 2018

2017-10-12 16:33 千龙网

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From October 11, Shijingshan District of Beijing began to pilot two mobile traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health stations in 19 communities to provide residents with TCM health management services on the doorstep as the second Beijing Xishan TCM cultural season is to begin on November 10.

The mobile TCM health stations are expected to be promoted across the city in 2018.

Currently, Shijingshan District has established community TCM health stations in nine subdistricts, where residents can enjoy the services of self-help physical examinations, Chinese medicine experts’ charity clinic and prescription guidance and learning various diet and acupoint regimens.

On October 11, two stations installed with “wheels” entered communities and provided services with portable health management equipment, mini TCM cultural exhibitions and supplies for charity TCM clinics like acupuncture equipment, cuppings and acupoint diagrams.

“We will guide residents to use traditional Chinese medicines and flowers to make creams, lip balms, soap, etc. We will also teach them to boil dehumidification soups in summer,” a staff member of mobile TCM health stations introduced.

It is learned that the community TCM health stations and mobile TCM health stations strive to cover 153 communities in Shijingshan District to provide TCM health management and care services in two or three years.

Tu Zhitao, head of Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that now the coverage of TCM health stations is not large in Beijing, so the mobile TCM health stations can make full use of their advantages in “small size, fast speed and smart mobility” to provide more convenient health management and education services for community residents.

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