Garbage decreases nearly half in Tian’anmen Square during holiday

2017-10-10 15:13 千龙网

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Beijing has collected 47.9 tons of garbage from October 1 to 7 in 2017, down by 0.1 tons year on year and nearly half from 10 years ago, according to the data of Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. released on October 9.

During this year’s eight-day National Day holiday, the number of tourists has reached 4.74 million in the Tian’anmen area, including 4.51 million tourists from October 1 to 7, a year-on-year increase of 480,000 tourists. Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has dispatched 272 road working vehicles, 144 garbage collecting and transporting vehicles, 96 auxiliary working vehicles and 672 operating workers to ensure that the garbage stays no more than five minutes and the dust residue is less than five grams per square on the ground, up to the “sitting on the ground” standard. A total of 53.5 tons of garbage has been collected, including 38 tons of recyclable garbage like plastic products and paper and 15.5 tons of other garbage like food waste.

In the past ten years, the amount of garbage has shown a downtrend in the Tian’anmen area from nearly 80 tons in 2007 to nearly 54 tons in 2013, and then to 48 tons last year. The downtrend is greatly resulted from the promotion of citizens’ and tourists’ civilization qualities and environmental awareness, in addition to the continuously increased work frequency and level.

Liu Jialong, vice-general manager from Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group Co., Ltd., introduced that this year the garbage is mainly collected from garbage bins and throwing garbage on the square is hardly seen during the National Day holiday. “It is obvious that the garbage declines while tourists grow,” he said.

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