Bike-sharing becomes greener way to travel in 'Golden Week'

2017-10-10 10:09 Xinhua

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BEIJING - Bike-sharing has become a major form of transport in China over the eight-day National Day holiday, with riders in first-tier cities most active, according to a report by China's bike-sharing giant Mobike released Monday.

The report collected cycling data between Sept. 30 and Oct. 8 from over 180 cities across the world.

According to the report, more users have ridden bikes in a different city during the "Golden Week," with the number hitting its peak on Oct. 4, when 21.5 percent of Mobike's 150 million users, or about 30 million people, were using bikes in places other than the city they registered in.

First-tier Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen saw the highest proportion of users, the report showed. In Beijing, over 20 percent of the Mobike users have ridden bikes in cities outside the Chinese capital during the holiday.

Mobike riders have burned calories equivalent to 4.6 million bowls of rice in "Golden Week," and reduced emissions equivalent to taking 170,000 cars off the road for eight days.

Shennongjia in central China's Hubei province, a World Heritage site, is the most loved scenic spot for Mobike users, followed by Yellow Mountain in Anhui. Outside of China, Milan, Florence and Singapore are the top three destinations that Mobikers are most active, the report said.

Mobike has increased manpower nationwide to ensure the smooth operation of shared bikes during the holiday.

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