‘Online nursing home’ opens in Beijing

2017-10-09 15:38 千龙网

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When the elderly need to take a bath, have a pedicure, do cleaning or repair appliances, they can order it on the smartphone APP and then professional home-based elderly care staff will provide services for them at home.

Recently, an activity on the theme of “giving safety, health and services” was launched by the contemporary pension industry research institute, Beijing Charity Volunteer Federation and www.guaigunwang.com in Hepingli Subdistrict of Dongcheng District in Beijing.

Sponsored by the contemporary pension industry research institute under the guidance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, the www.guaigunwang.com is the first comprehensive public welfare elderly care service platform in China and it is being gradually promoted in Beijing. As the country’s first “online nursing home”, the platform can provide the services of safety lectures and home-based elderly care for the elderly.

Currently, the platform has more than 1,000 registered professional elderly care staff in Beijing, who have provided cleaning, home-based caring, purchasing, repairing and accompanying services to more than 1,200 elders.

The elderly can make an order of their service needs after registering on the APP, and then the service providers within 10 kilometers will be found on the APP and they can choose to receive the order based on their service items and give services for the elderly at home. As the platform works for public welfare, the services it provides are about 30 percent lower than market prices and the platform will process the orders uniformly when the orders are not received by any service providers after a certain period of time.

So far the “online nursing home” has covered more than 100 communities in Beijing, and it plans to cover 200 communities in Beijing in 2017.

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