Consumption up by 6.6% during Golden Week in Beijing

2017-10-09 12:44 千龙网

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The 120 major commerce and service enterprises monitored by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce achieved sales value of 6.71 billion yuan (about $1.01 billion) during the past holiday. The sales revenue of these enterprises reached 5.8 billion yuan from October 1 to 7, up by 6.5 percent compared to 5.45 billion yuan of the same period last year. On October 8, the sales revenue was 910 million yuan, up by 6.9 percent year on year.

As this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival fell during the National Day holiday, many food processing enterprises and restaurants promoted a variety of mooncakes. Besides traditional mooncakes, time-honored Beijing brand Daoxiangcun also developed mooncakes with new flavors. It has sold about 3,500 tons of mooncakes this year, with a year-on-year increase of about 30 percent. As for the price, most of the mooncakes packaged in boxes cost no more than 200 yuan per box and most unpackaged mooncakes were less than 10 yuan per piece. The total retail sales of Daoxiangcun grew by 20 percent during the holiday.

Convenience also became a driving force of the consumption increase during the holiday. Chain stores, convenience stores, life service centers and grocery stores within communities promoted by the government offered convenient and high quality services and were welcomed by residents. The retail sales of 7-11, Hualian Kuaike and Shouhang Guoli grew by around 10 percent in the holiday.

There was a high demand for wedding banquets, family banquets and tourism dining. Over 90 percent of the separate rooms of time-honored restaurants like Tongheju, Kaorouji and Tongchunyuan were reserved in advance. With improved new dishes and services, they attracted consumers with seasonal food and moon appreciation dishes as well as free mooncakes and Rabbit God figurines as gifts. Meanwhile, restaurants also made full use of the third-party food delivery platforms to expand consumption demand and interacted with consumers through WeChat and mobile apps. The turnover of Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant, Donglaishun, Ziguangyuan and Ma Kai Restaurants has increased by over 10 percent during the holiday.

责任编辑:Lu Qing(QN0047)

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