Stay in shape by doing housework 零成本减肥:做这些家务就能瘦!瘦!瘦!

2017-09-15 15:24

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Forget going to the gym or signing up for yoga, new research suggests you can stay in shape by simply doing the housework.


A study by the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) found that dusting, mopping and cleaning the bathroom are all effective ways to burn calories without leaving the house.


Results showed that people burned an average of 600 calories doing just two hours of intense household chores - nearly double the 374 calories burned during a 5km run - with window cleaning topping the list as the most taxing task.


Researchers from the GHI fitted participants with FitBit Flex 2 fitness trackers, which measured the amount of energy expended as they carried out common chores.

好管家的研究人员在测试者身上安装了FitBit Flex 2健身追踪器,测量他们在进行普通家务劳动时消耗的能量。

They then calculated the average number of calories burned during a 20 or 40-minute session to determine the most demanding work out.


Window cleaning topped the list, with participants burning an average of 115 calories in just 20 minutes.


Mopping the floor came in second place with 107 calories burned while cleaning the bathroom burned 100 calories - the equivalent to two KitKat fingers.


Meanwhile a 40-minute dusting session burned nearly 200 calories.


While vacuuming came at the bottom of the list, participants still burned an average of 86 calories in just 20 minutes.


The results show that there can be hidden benefits to giving the house an 'autumn clean' as the cooler weather starts to set in, according to the GHI.


GHI cleaning expert Verity Mann said: 'Unfortunately, there are some labor-intensive chores that need to be done but the good news is that you will be getting fit while you're doing them.'






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