Govt-subsidized housing units begin construction

2017-09-12 10:44

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Beijing has almost fulfilled this year’s plan for government-subsidized housing ahead of time. By the end of August, 49,000 new government-subsidized apartments have started construction in Beijing, accounting for 99 percent of the task for the whole year. And 71,000 sets have been completed, over-fulfilling 118 percent of the designated goal.

In the next five years, in order to meet the demand of constructing 1.5 million sets of apartments, Beijing will build250,000 sets of apartments under the shared-ownership housing scheme, among which 23,000 are unsold homes. Besides, 500,000 sets of apartments will also be built for renting.

According to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development, a total of 120,000 sets of apartments have been collected from State-owned enterprises. Meanwhile, it is encouraging companies to have their own commercial residential houses for renting. As of now, 19 companies have their own housing rental programs, covering a total area of 1.275 million square meters.

As the trial site for encouraging collective land to be used for building rental houses, Beijing has also launched five such projects, involving 12,800 sets of apartments.

So far, the area of prefabricated buildings has reached 2.4 million square meters in Beijing, ranking the first all over the country. Beijing plans to abandon the traditional mode of furnishing houses by 2020.It is estimated that 100,000 tons of construction garbage would be reduced if there were 50,000 sets of apartments built per year in the new way.

In addition, energy conservation technology is applied in the construction of government-subsidized housing units. Water from laundry and showering and other less polluted gray water can be recycled for toilet flushing. It is estimated that this practice will save40 tons of water per household annually, cutting 30 percent of water consumption. About 627 households are currently piloting this project.

This July, a map of residences built since 2013 was released to the public by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development. The map identifies the information of house locations, names, average prices and status, thereby helping the government to deliver a better service to the public.

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