Beijing to carpet city with cultural service centers

2017-09-12 10:09

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Beijing has begun the construction of public service centers offering literary and other cultural resources, such as libraries and theaters. The city aims to establish a network of these centers so that, by 2020, every citizen will have access to one within 15 minutes.

According to guidelines published on Sept. 9, Beijing will accelerate the construction of demo areas for the public service centers in accordance with the capital’s standards, as the city positions itself as the national cultural center and a popular cultural city worldwide.

The guidelines encourage the city to produce more cultural products based on the profound history, rich folk customs and abundant innovations of Beijing to showcase the historical and modern charm of its diverse culture.

The guidelines also encourage government organizations, state-owned companies, universities and schools to offer free cultural resources to the public, motivate social organizations and companies to provide more cultural products and services, and support private companies to found libraries, art galleries and museums, brick-and-mortar bookstores, public reading lounges and cinemas.

Moreover, public libraries, cultural centers, art galleries and museums are encouraged to open up to the public free of charge. Also, more cultural facilities will be built in rural areas, new towns and large communities, and government procurement of cultural services will increase.

In addition, Beijing will build a digital cloud system for public cultural service to promote digitized public libraries, cultural centers, museums, science and technology museums and art galleries. Residents will be able to get access to the service of suburban public libraries by using a single library card.

According to the guidelines, a trading platform for cultural products will also be put into place to boost cultural consumption, and a delivery platform for public books, performances and films as well as other cultural activities will be established as well. In addition, senior citizens, the disabled, and the juvenile will have easier access to public cultural services.

As per the document, the progress and performance of the government will be assessed to guarantee the commitment to the work.

As scheduled by the guidelines, more and widespread round-the-clock bookstores, public reading lounges and self-service libraries will dot the city, and theaters, libraries, museums and cinemas will be built in the city’s sub-center as well. With the support of the guidelines, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province will set up an alliance to create a demo corridor of public culture centers, and they will deepen cooperation in cultural performances, cultural heritage protection, cultural inheritance and exchange of talents.

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