Beijing mulls capping shared bike numbers

2017-09-06 09:47

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An official of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said the capital plans to limit the total number of its shared bikes.

Zhou Zhengyu, director of the commission, said Beijing would soon introduce guidelines for shared bike development, including requirements for parking, safety and management. Shared bike providers will be asked to set up digital fences to promote orderly parking.

Beijing currently has 13 start-ups that provide bike sharing services and over 1.6 million shared bikes in use.

Zhou also introduced other efforts, including cooperation with Internet firms, in building a smart transport management system, where all kinds of traffic data are collected and timely analyzed. The commission's Transportation Operations Coordination Center runs on 41 systems and real-time data collection of 6,000 items.

Beijing also plans to integrate the data of 3 million parking lots onto the same platform for shared use and better management.

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