Beijing adds 256 ‘electronic police’ on roads

2017-09-05 16:02 千龙网

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Recently, Beijing added 256 surveillance cameras on roads and nearly 40 percent of them were installed on expressways, the Fifth Ring Road and the Sixth Ring Road, Beijing Traffic Management Bureau announced on September 4, 2017.

The expressways newly installed with “electronic police” are the ones of Beijing-Chengde, Beijing-Harbin, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Taipei, Beijing-Tibet and Beijing-Xinjiang, and the cameras were mainly installed in the heavy-traffic bridge areas on ring roads like Beiyuan, Pingfang, Huagong, Wuyuan and Xiaojiahe bridge areas on the Fifth Ring Road and Beixintun, Yangfangzhen, Xiazhuangbei and Renhe bridge areas on the Sixth Ring Road.

In line with the city’s recent special action to crack down on large trucks’ traffic violations, adding surveillance cameras on roads will be conducive to investigating and punishing traffic violations.

In addition, altogether 64 surveillance cameras were added in Tongzhou District mainly on the avenues of Yunhedong and Yudaihe and in the areas of Maju Bridge, Tuqiao New Bridge and Sanhui Bridge.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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