Beijing Southwest Logistics Center moves to Fangshan and Zhuozhou

2017-08-29 16:25 千龙网

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Workers demolish Beijing Southwest Logistics Center at Yushuzhuang Village of Huaxiang Subdistrict of Fengtai District, Beijing, August 28, 2017. [Photo courtesy of Huaxiang Subdistrict/Qianlong]

The Huaxiang Subdistrict of Fengtai District began to demolish Beijing Southwest Logistics Center at Yushuzhuang Village on August 28, 2017. After demolishment, the vacated spaces will be used to construct the Beijing national digital publishing base and the logistics center will move to the logistics parks in Fangshan District of Beijing and Zhuozhou City of Hebei.

Established in September, 2000, Beijing Southwest Logistics Center has more than 400,000 square meters of warehouses. It is the largest book logistics enterprise in Beijing, where 270 out of the city’s more than 300 book publishing enterprises conduct the books’ distribution work.

The center first demolishes its three warehouses with a total construction area of about 66,000 square meters and the demolishing work will be completed by the end of this month. The whole center is expected to be demolished before June of 2018.

It is learned that the Fangshan logistics park of the center with 100,000 square meters of warehouses has been put into full operation in April, 2015, and the Zhuozhou logistics park’s first-stage 71,000-square-meter warehouses have also been put into use now after the cooperation agreement was signed in March, 2017.

The Yushuzhuang Village plans to use the vacated spaces to construct the only national digital publishing base in Beijing to develop cultural and creative industries and transform and upgrade the village’s collective economy.

So far, Huaxiang Subdistrict has demolished 101 illegal buildings with a total area of 748,000 square meters this year. Four regional markets and three warehousing and logistics facilities have been shut down on schedule, the Jingkai hardware and building materials wholesale market is expected to be closed by the end of September, and another three regional markets and two warehousing and logistics facilities are waiting to be removed and transformed this year.

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