Convenience service station in Jingshan Subdistrict

2017-08-25 15:43 千龙网

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After illegal buildings were demolished and wall breaches were refilled in the Jingshan area in Dongcheng District of Beijing, a 700-square-meter convenience service station was built for residents to enjoy one-stop services on their doorstep at the No. 2A building on Shatanhou Street in Jingshan Subdistrict.

The station has a bright and spacious, clean and tidy shopping environment and a wide variety of goods at a good price, attracting lots of surrounding residents to go shopping here. It consists of supermarkets and kitchens and it provides convenience services like making keys, repairing shoes and housekeeping. “This station has a better environment and offers great convenience, especially for those elders who can go shopping without having to go far. It is really a good place for us,” a resident surnamed Liu said happily.

Lu Wei, deputy director of the Jinshan Subdistrict office, introduced that this year, the subdistrict together with relevant departments have demolished 624 illegal buildings and refilled 560 wall breaches.

In the past, the Shatanhou Street used to have lots of illegal buildings and wall breaches for business and the first floor of the No. 2A building was a small restaurant, which had caused congestion and a dirty and messy environment in hutongs. Therefore, the subdistrict decided to demolish illegal buildings and refill wall breaches during the ongoing “removing non-capital’s functions for improvement” project in Beijing this year. In order to provide a better convenient life to surrounding residents, the subdistrict solicited residents’ opinions and built the vacated No. 2A building into the convenience service station.

A staff member sells vegetables at the convenience service station at the No. 2A building on Shatanhou Street in Jingshan Subdistrict of Dongcheng District, Beijing, August 24, 2017. [Photo by Yu Ying/Qianlong]

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