Illegal buildings demolished into bilingual kindergarten in Dongcheng

2017-08-24 08:56 千龙网

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Workers demolish illegal buildings at Chongwenmen Market at the northeast corner of Guangqumen Bridge in Dongcheng District, Beijing, August 22, 2017. [Photo courtesy of Donghuashi Subdistrict/Qianlong]

A bilingual kindergarten will be built after the Donghuashi Subdistrict demolishes the illegal buildings of Chongwenmen Market at the northeast corner of Guangqumen Bridge in Dongcheng District of Beijing.

The 4,200-square-kilometer-plus kindergarten will provide at least 300 rolling quotas for the residents of Zhongshili, Guangwai and Guangqumenbeili communities in Dongcheng District.

The market’s 3,000-square-meter second floor will be transformed into the kindergarten’s classrooms and the 1,000-square-meter courtyard into a playground.

It is learned that the kindergarten will be a private one named Shengchu International Kindergarten. The construction of the kindergarten will be completed by the end of December this year, and it plans to start its first spring enrollment of ten classes in March, 2018. Operated in accordance with mid-to-high end standards, the kindergarten will strive to create an excellent teaching environment for children and promise the fees will be 20 to 30 percent lower than the other domestic kindergartens at the same level.

In addition, now the Donghuashi Subdistrict is advancing the “removing non-capital functions for improvement” project of demolishing and vacating 8,000 illegal buildings and spaces, which will be transformed into green spaces, kindergartens, elderly care stations, parking lots and cultural spaces in the future.

A design sketch of Shengchu International Kindergarten [Photo courtesy of Donghuashi Subdistrict/Qianlong]

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