Illegal buildings demolished into convenience food store at Xiran Village

2017-08-10 16:26 千龙网

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Villagers buy vegetables at the convenience food store at the Xiran Village of Sijiqing Subdistrict in Haidian District, Beijing, August 9, 2017. [Photo by Qin Shengnan/Qianlong]

A convenience food store was officially opened at the Xiran Village of Sijiqing Subdistrict in Haidian District of Beijing on August 9, 2017. As the first sizable food store in the village, the store has become the first choice for villagers to buy vegetables and fruits after its two-month-long trail operation.

“I used to take bus to buy vegetables and fruits, but now it is so convenient that I can buy fresh vegetables and fruits at the door,” an aunt surnamed Wang from Xiran Village said. “There used to be restaurants and vendors with lots of garbage and sewage, which caused traffic jams, and the vegetables they sold were expensive and not fresh. Opening a convenience food store after demolishing illegal buildings is really beneficial for us.”

In the convenience food store, all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and milk are on sale to meet people’s daily life needs. Hu Shiming, an official of the comprehensive management office of Xiran Village, introduced that the store occupies an area of more than 300 square meters and sells more than 100 varieties of vegetables and fruits. “The store purchases vegetables and fruits directly from the Xinfadi wholesale market or producing areas, so the store’s vegetables and fruits are fresh and cheap. For example, peaches are directly purchased from the Pinggu District and watermelons from the Daxing District,” he said.

Xiran Village is well-known for having more migrants than local permeant residents. It has more than 500 households of local residents while its migrant population peaks more than 14,000. Most of the migrants work in low-end industries and the large population results in the poor environment of the village, so a special working team was founded to renovate and improve the village. Now the village has demolished more than 800 square meters of illegal buildings for broadening roads, opening the convenience food store and building parking spaces for shared bikes.

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