Muxiyuan Bus Terminal to be closed this year

2017-08-10 10:46 千龙网

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The transport bureau of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said on August 9 that the Muxiyuan Bus Terminal is set to be closed this year following the relocation of the Lize Bus Terminal. In the future, except for the built-up Beiyuanbei Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub, Beijing is planning to build new hubs in its southeast, southwest and south areas which are all expected to sit outside the Sixth Ring Road.

Jiang Shaowu, deputy director of the inter-province department of the transport bureau, said so far, Beijing has nine inter province long-distance bus terminals. As divergent means of transport grows, distant bus terminals see declining passengers flow by 1 million to 2 millions year on year.

The plan of closing Muxiyuan Bus Terminal is for ease the traffic pressure at the South Third Ring Road and Zhongzhou Road.

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)

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