Beijing to build over 3,000 public EV charging piles in 2017

2017-08-09 15:13 千龙网

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Cars park at the SOHO New Town parking building in Chaoyang district, Beijing, August 8, 2017. [Photo by Dai Qi/Qianlong]

Recently, a total of 101 fast and slow electric vehicle (EV) charging piles have been installed at the SOHO New Town parking building in Chaoyang district of Beijing so as to meet the charging demands of surrounding office workers and time-sharing rental electric car users. The fast and slow charging piles can charge 101 electric cars at the same time and serve for more than 500 electric cars every day.

It is learned that the parking building has also applied for four 630KW box-type transformers, which allow charging users to enjoy a big-industry electricity price according to the relevant policies of Beijing. The users’ charging cost can be greatly reduced with the electricity price no more than 1.1 yuan ($ 0.16) per kWh during the day and 0.39 yuan per kWh during the night and the service fee no more than 0.8 yuan per kWh.

“The electricity fee is charged based on the local current electricity price and enterprises only charge the service fee, which is required to be lower than the 15 percent of the 92# gasoline price on the day,” said Nan Bin, director of the refueling and charging office of Beijing Municipal Commission of City Management.

By the end of June of 2017, Beijing has promoted about 135,400 new energy vehicles and now the city has built about 92,300 charging piles for the electric vehicles used in different fields.

He introduced that now Beijing has about 65,000 private charging piles equipped for electric cars, with a construction ratio of 75 percent, and it has built about 17,000 charging piles in public parking areas like shopping malls, transportation hubs, office buildings, expressway service areas, parks and gas stations to form a public charging network with the service radius of five kilometers within the Sixth Ring Road. In 2017, the government will strive to build over 3,000 public charging piles and more than 10,300 ones for the public exclusive use.

In addition, electric car owners can download a Yichongwang APP for finding available charging piles nearby. The APP has covered 90 percent of Beijing’s public charging piles and it supports online payment.

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