Metro mileage to break through 600km this year

2017-08-08 10:00 千龙网

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Beijing will have 35 metro lines totaling 1,500 km in the long range prospect, according to the Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office on August 7.

The 35 line consists of 21 central district lines, seven light rails, five low-and-medium-traffic lines and two airport lines.

Chief engineer of the office Yang Guangwu expressed, Beijing government will do its utmost to drive progress in the construction of 20 metro lines(sections) of 350 plus km long in 2017, a year when Beijing has the most lines and the longest mileage under construction. He added, by the year end, the total operational distance will reach 608.2km.  

According to incomplete statistics, 80 percent metro line construction across the world will happen in China in the coming five years. And Beijing is at present in the heaviest construction in terms of numbers of metro lines. Also the city boasts the highest daily average traffic flow and the highest proportion of proprietary intellectual property rights in the rail track technical field among other cities in China

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)

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