15 community youth clubs stand guard at zebra crossings in Beijing

2017-08-07 15:28 千龙网

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Last weekend, 15 vigorous community youth clubs in Beijing took part in the city’s civilization guide activity of “claiming love zebra crossings”.

Initiated by the Beijing Daily, the “claiming love zebra crossings” activity is actively participated by community youth clubs, who organize young volunteers to carry out civilization guide activities at zebra crossings on weekends. At present, more than ten community youth clubs have claimed 17 zebra crossings, and they carried out the civilization guide activity at 15 zebra crossings for the first time last weekend.

During the morning rush hours on August 5, six volunteers of the Jianwai SOHO Xiandaicheng community youth club came to stand guard at the Dawangqiao zebra crossing in Chaoyang district, with each holding a “comity” flag. They used the flag to make a “stop” posture, indicating pedestrians to wait for the red light, and made a gesture of “please” to let pedestrians pass the crossing when the green light was on.

Although it was the first time for volunteers to be the “guardians” of zebra crossings, they were so professional owing to the rich experience accumulated from the past volunteer activities and the special trainings attended in advance.

According to Ge Xi, an official of the Beijing committee of the communist youth league, a “city governance youth volunteer action” project was jointly launched by the city’s community youth clubs in 2017. The volunteers of the clubs have led more than 4,000 youths to participate in a series of environmental protection and volunteer service activities like placing shared bicycle in designated areas and sorting garbage. Recently, the “claiming love zebra crossings” activity has officially been included in the project.

“Now the ‘claiming love zebra crossings’ activity is being experienced by the volunteers of community youth clubs. Next, more youths will be encouraged to participated in the activity to play a role in promoting the city’s civilization,” Ge Xi said.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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