First 37 e-buses put into use in Yanqing

2017-08-03 10:47 千龙网

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Recently, the Number 873 and 920 bus lines started to use 37 electric buses, thus become the first electric new energy public bus lines in the Yanqing district. By the year end, a total of 105 electric public buses are due to be operated in Yanqing, drawing another beautiful landscape of the “Summer Capital”.

After the operation of the first 37 electric buses, the two lines will emit less CO2 by 1,665 tons a year. In addition, these new energy buses have more seats. A single-deck bus has 30 seats and a capacity of boarding 70 passengers; a double-deck is of 70 seats and with a capacity of 90 passengers. Air suspension makes the new bus drive more stable and quite, bringing greater safety and comfort. An leading official of the bus group said, new energy public bus plays a demonstrative role of green mobility and will improve the urban environment of Yanqing.

For the present, the bus group sets 14 charge piles for electric public buses in Yanqing. With 20 minutes charge, a bus can run 80 kilometers. 

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)

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