Servicemen given priority in buying tickets and getting on trains

2017-08-02 16:50 千龙网

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Servicemen have priority in purchasing tickets and getting on trains by law from August 1, 2017, China Railway said on August 1, the Army’s Day.

According to the requirements, Beijing’s railway stations have set up “priority for servicemen by law” signs at ticket windows, entrances and waiting rooms.

Beijing West Railway Station has opened four priority windows at the No. 5 and 29 ticket windows of the north ticket hall and No. 81 and 67 ticket windows of the south ticket hall, six soldier-first entrances to the station at south and north squares and two soldier waiting areas in the No. 11 high-speed railway waiting room and No. 1 waiting room.

At Beijing Railway Station, the No. 8 ticket window has been opened as a priority window for servicemen and servicemen are preferred at the No. 38 ticket changing window and No. 30 ticket refunding window. The No. 31 and No. 4 and 5 ticket-checking passages have been opened to be soldier-first, and an about 40-square-meter exclusive waiting area with personal services for servicemen are opened at the south of the first floor of the waiting hall.

Servicemen presenting valid identity certificates can enjoy the service of “priority for servicemen by law” as required and at most two accompanying persons without a relationship certificate can enjoy the priority service as well.

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