800 Beijing lanes and hutongs to bid farewell to overhead cables

2017-07-17 15:07 千龙网

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The project of burying overhead cables underground will be completed in more than 800 lanes and hutongs in Xicheng and Dongcheng districts of Beijing before the Spring Festival in 2018, according to the schedule of the project.

At present, the project is underway in more than 20 lanes and hutongs in Beijing’s central districts like Xizhimen South Street, Jingshan East Street, Dajiang Hutong and Daxi Hutong.

“Now our hutong has completed the project of replacing coal with electricity, demolishing illegal buildings and building green spaces, and it will become more beautiful after the overhead cables are removed into ground. ‘My children always ask me when the overhead cable burying project will begin in our hutong every time they visit me” said Liu Rongxian earnestly, a resident living in Sanjing Hutong.

According to the timetable set out for the project, Xicheng district plans to complete the project of removing overhead cables into ground in 1,234 lanes and hutongs in three batches within two years. The first batch including 369 lanes and hutongs in four subdistricts of Tianqiao, Shichahai, Dashilar and West Chang’an Avene will be completed before the Spring Festival next year.

In Dongcheng district, the project of burying overhead electricity and telecommunication cables underground has been completed in 14 lanes and hutongs like Xidamochang Street, Luangqing Hutong and Haojing Hutong. The district strives to complete the overhead cable burying project in 519 lanes and hutongs before the next Spring Festival and the remaining 300 lanes and hutongs in 2019 at the latest.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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