Yanqi Island to be freely opened from July 14

2017-07-14 14:41 千龙网

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Yanqi Island, the main venue of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, will be freely opened to social groups for public welfare from July 14, 2017.

On Yanqi Island, the Jixian Hall at Yanqi Lake International Convention Center maintains the original look of the venue for the roundtable summit of leaders with scrolls and tea sets still being placed on the table. The outdoor landscapes on Yanqi Island are breathtakingly beautiful like the antique Song-Dynasty-style Yanqi Tower, the Summer Garden with rockeries, rives and wonder stones, as well as the permanent logo of the Belt and Road Forum in clusters of flowers.

The opening time of the island will be from 9:00 to 16:00 on every Tuesday and Thursday and the number of visitors will be limited at 120, 60 in the morning and 60 in the afternoon respectively. Social groups can make an appointment to visit the island on the website (www.begcl.com) or the official WeChat account of Beijing Enterprises Group.

Priority for visiting will be given to the groups of soldiers, outstanding members of the Communist Party of China, heroes and models, excellent teachers and all-round good students. On the Labor Day, Youth Day, Children’s Day, Army Day, Teacher’s Day, Double Ninth Festival and other themed days, the island will be open in favor of target populations too.

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