Shunyi builds 719 PM2.5 tiny monitoring stations

2017-07-14 10:13 千龙网

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So far this year, Shunyi has newly built 600 tiny stations to monitor local air quality. Adding up to the existing 119 ones, these 719 PM2.5 monitoring tiny stations establish an automatic monitoring network that covers each of the 531 villages and communities in the entire Shunyi district. The network is able to precisely pinpoint highly polluted areas for the district authorities. Statistic shows, it helps eliminate totally 5,536 polluting sources in 54 highly polluted areas in the first half of the year.

Around 8:00 to 9:00 every morning, Wang Chunyu, head of the environmental protection department of Liqiao township of Shunyi, checks a map of pollution issued via his mobile phone. The map issued by monitoring stations marks pollution levels last day in different areas with different colors. It is drawn in according with data from 34 tiny monitoring stations in the Liqiao township.

Zhang Yiming, director of the Shunyi Environmental Protection Bureau introduced, so far, we have received a great result in precise pollution control, thanks to the 719 tiny monitoring stations.

We have introduced IBM to help us comprehensively analyze the data and pinpoint 190 PM 2.5 highly concentrated areas. Until the first half of the year, 5, 536 pollution sources in 54 out of the 190 areas had been cleared away.

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)

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