Beijing is 3.8 pct less congestive than last year

2017-07-13 10:11 千龙网

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Beijing’s traffic index in rush hours of the first half of the year dropped by 3.8 percent from a year earlier, the auto speed in morning and evening peaks rose from 26.3 km to 27.9 km, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport was quoted as saying on July 12.

Zhou Tian, deputy director of the department for easing congestion introduced, the index was contained at 5.0 in the first half of the year, a 3.8 percent down year on year, which benefited from the smooth progress of the plan on easing congestion and the fact that more people chose a shared bike plus means of public transport.

In 2017, every district sets to carry out comprehensive governance on local traffic, forge a governing pilot area of one to three square kilometers, such as areas around the Forbidden City, Tongren Hospital of Dongcheng, Shichahai of Xicheng, Tiantan Hospital of Fengtai, Dashanzi of Chaoyang, area east to the Tsinghua University, Shangdi Software Park of Haidian and Wanda commercial area of Shijingshan.

Zhou Tian introduced they are working on congestive improvement plan of Tongzhou during which eight areas and 17 road sections have been discovered congestive. Improving work is now in progress in areas with a made plan.  

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