Beijing introduces 12 digital maps to release government affairs

2017-07-13 09:30

打印 放大 缩小

Beijing introduced 12 digital maps regarding government affairs and public service on its government portal on July 10 to better serve the citizens, making it the first Chinese city to do so.

The maps cover the dynamic information of Beijing’s air quality monitoring, distribution of educational resources, medical and health services, housing security, grocery stores, 15-minute community service circle, distribution of historical and cultural museums, tourist attractions, free public Wi-Fi service, tax services and public service.

Officials said a previous survey found that citizens are most concerned with information regarding air quality, education, health care, elderly care and housing, thus the maps --compared to texts previously -- provide people a more direct and visualized way to search information and also greatly improve the efficiency of information transparency.

Beijing’s various districts first submitted the related basic information, which then went through the verification of third-party institutions and local departments. The municipal government then compiled all the information and published it online.

Officials said that the municipal government will establish a long-term mechanism to update the dynamic information and enrich the contents of the maps based on the feedbacks of citizens in future. In addition, citizens will have access to the maps via Weibo, WeChat and mobile apps.

来源标题:Beijing introduces 12 digital maps to release government affairs

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