Beijing promotes refreshing flavor dumplings for dog days

2017-07-12 16:32 千龙网

打印 放大 缩小

The first period of dog days (the hottest weeks in summer) starts from July 12 in China in 2017 and it is a custom for people to eat dumplings on this day.

This year the refreshing flavor dumplings are the main kind of dumplings in Beijing, which are developed by many time-honored brand restaurants for citizens to relieve summer heat.

In the past years, the most popular dumplings in Beijing are the traditional ones with the stuffing of pork and green onions, beef and carrots, as well as mackerel. But this year, many refreshing flavor dumplings have been promoted by time-honored brand restaurants, such as Youyishun Restaurant’s beef and bitter melon dumplings, Quyuan Restaurant’s egg and edible amaranth dumplings and Huifeng Dumpling House (Xisi Branch)’s bamboo shoot dumplings.

“The refreshing flavor dumplings have been sold very well, including the new bamboo shoot dumplings. Now the new flavor dumplings have accounted for 30 percent of the sales,” said Zhang Hong, manager of Huifeng Dumpling House (Xisi branch).

In addition, on the first day of dog days, dumplings are sold at many time-honored brand restaurants in Beijing like Tongheju Restaurant, Kaorouji Restaurant, Makai Restaurant and Huatian meat pie shops.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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