Beijing enables first honking free system

2017-07-12 10:23 千龙网

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Recently, some careful citizens found out that a yellow display reading “electronic police monitor(for illegal honk)” popped up around the Xiaowei Hutong of Dongcheng and the west gate of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Car license plate numbers were scrolling in three lines at a time on the screen. If a car sounds a horn at the no honking area of the hospital’s west gate, its license plate will probably be displayed on the screen.

It is learned this is the newly launched honking free system by Beijing’s traffic administrative body . Applied high-end technology, the system can precisely record the entire process a car sounds its horn, offering authoritative proof of illegal honking which helps tighten the management and impose a penalty.

Li Jianfeng, deputy director of the science and information department of the traffic administrative body introduced this automatic system consists of three parts: matrix microphone recording system, electronic photographing system, electronic displaying system. The microphone system recognizes and records horns, then the photographing system snapshots the car accordingly, finally the car’s plate number is displayed on the electronic screen. The system is able to precisely identify car horn, e-bike horn, engine sound, braking sound and more.

He added it is so precise that it can tell the horns of cars even they are driving in neighboring lanes

As early as July 1, 2001, Beijing expended the “honking free”area from area within the Third Ring Road to the Forth Ring Road; and from April 15, 2007, it further expended to the Fifth Ring Road. A violator will be fined 100 yuan($14.72).   

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)

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