Beijing to see record high pressure on its grid this summer

2017-07-11 13:29 千龙网

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By 19:00 July 10, 1,907.1 million kilowatts had been the highest maximum load of the power grid in Beijing, which was close to 2,082.8 mW, the top maximum load in 2016. The Beijing Electric Power Company, a branch of the State Grid forecast that the highest maximum load of Beijing will reach 2,400 mW this summer, a 15.23 percent rise year on year, in case a hot and humid weather lingers more than a week.

The municipal administrative department introduced, at present, Beijing’s local power plants generate at best around 28 percent electricity, none local plants around 72 percent. Air cooling accounts for 52 percent of the total electricity consumption. Given the recently situation in electricity usage, the peak load came earlier than that in previous years and in escalating trend.    

The person in charge in the relevant department at the electric power company expressed, during the peak period this summer, problems such as equipment overload or heavy load in individual power grids still occur, and will loom large as electric load mounts. Moreover, pressures are also exerted on power grid by outer environment including summer thunderstorm, lightning, gale, and other extreme weather and the contradiction between trees and power lines in conservation areas.

The Beijing company said they have formulated an adjustment plan under three load levels, namely 2,000mW, 2,200mW and 2,400mW. They also made divergent adjustment schemes to debug emergencies.

The electric department said, they will expend their electric purchase channel this summer, establishing 172 service spots and 20,000 agencies. Apps such as 掌上电力 and电e宝, card charging or PC website, WeChat, Alipay, ATM are also available to puchase electricity.

责任编辑:Sun Chi(QN0019)

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