Basement transformed into reading base at Anzhen subdistrict, Beijing

2017-07-06 17:01 千龙网

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Children and parents attend a lecture at the reading base at Yuminlu community of Anzhen subdistrict, Chaoyang district, Beijing, July 5, 2017. [Photo by Zha Tiantian/Qianlong]

There is a popular underground reading base where people can freely read and borrow books at Yuminlu community of Anzheng subdistrict of Chaoyang district in Beijing.

“Now my daughter usually goes to study at the reading base after school and I pick her up home after work. The base not only helps me solve the problem of picking my daughter up after school, but also enriches many children’s after-school life,” said a resident of Yuminlu community surnamed Sun.

Besides the activity room, calligraphy and painting room and training room, the 1,600-square-meter reading base specifically opens the picture book gallery for very young children, children’s literary museum and teenagers’ reading and science rooms. In the future, the reading base is expected to collect up to 100,000 books via the supply of Chaoyang district library and public donation.

Since its establishment, the base has persisted in holding one master lecture every other week for teenagers in Anzhen subdistrict and now it has become a custom for parents to take their children to attend the lectures and experience traditional cultures at the base. Later, the base will also open dance, English, painting and calligraphy training courses so as to enrich children’s after-school life.

It is learned that the Anzhen subdistrict has cleaned up and transformed four basements into two emergency supply reserve centers and two cultural venues.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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