Beijing introduces first public electronic fence for shared bikes

2017-07-05 10:41 千龙网

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On July 3, a worker demonstrates the difference on a public e-fence system before and after a shared bike is parked within e-fence.  [Photo by Li Jinxin/Qianlong]

“With the help of this senor, the parking information of a shared bike is able to be received.” On July 3, four little sliver blockages were seen within a shared-bike parking area that is marked by white lines.

“These little blockages are sensors that receive parking information of a shared bike via blue tooth, ”introduced Zhang Jianbo, head of the public e-fence project.

Zhang told, the public e-fence different from the ones built by shared-bike providers is compatible to all the existing shared bikes on the market. “A blue-tooth shared bike needs only a technical connectivity, a none blue-tooth shared bike has to be added up an electronic tag.”

He said, “the sensor in public e-fence is of higher precision of less than one meter.” It is more capable to sense a bike in built-up areas. He added, all shared bikes with a blue tooth synchronizes data with a data platform as soon as it enters the area 50 meters around an e-fence. The public data platform not only report management situation to government bodies but also offering operational data to shared bike providers that facilitates them to know the sum of their bikes in an individual area and help them avoid congregation.   

It is learned, another 20 public e-fence will be set around August at Sanlitun’s Taikoo Li, Gongsan Plaza, Tuanjiehu Subway Station and areas with relatively higher bike parking demand. 

A blockage sensor of the first e fence in Beijing is seen on July 3. [Photo by Li Jinxin/Qianlong]

A blockage sensor of the first e fence in Beijing is seen on July 3. [Photo by Li Jinxin/Qianlong]

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