Beijing begins 1st municipal environmental inspection

2017-07-03 10:22

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On June 28, Beijing’s municipal environmental inspection teams were sent to the city’s Fengtai District, Fangshan District and Daxing District to carry out one-month inspection, making them the first batch of inspection teams to do so in the Chinese capital. All of the city’s 16 districts will be covered by environmental inspection this year.

The inspection aims to learn about how these districts have implemented the national and municipal policies on environmental protection, the outcome regarding major tasks and prominent problems, as well as their progress made since the environmental inspection led by the central government.

An official of the inspection team introduced that the inspection of Fengtai District will be problem-oriented, and adopt basically the same methods as the environmental inspection by the central government, including debriefing, interviewing the public, investigating on complaints received and so on.

The teams will report the problems found during the inspection to the municipal CPC committee or government, depending on the scale and severity of problems. The districts will have to formulate plans to address the problems within thirty working days and report their improvement work within six months.

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