Heatwave myths 解暑知识小科普

2017-06-27 16:21 chinadaily.com.cn

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This year, China’s northern provinces have seen an ongoing dry and hot weather since mid-June. In addition to air conditioners, fans, cold water and icy drinks, there are a lot of tips and tricks that help you keep cool in summer.

Cotton is the only fabric that keeps me cool


A white cotton top and shorts is obviously the best thing to wear, right? Sort of.


Natural fabrics like linen and cotton absorb sweat and allow it to breathe. They're much better than man-made fibres like polyester, which can trap the moisture against your skin, leaving you hot and uncomfortable.


But when it comes to colour, things get a little more complicated.


White is good if you're out in direct sunlight a lot - it will reflect the heat better than any other colour. But if you're spending time in the shade, black is a more effective colour to wear as it radiates out heat into your environment, cooling you down.


Drinking hot drinks actually lowers your body temperature


Staying hydrated is key. According to the NHS, if you don't drink lots of water and beverages like fruit juice, you can start to become unwell, with symptoms of headache and tiredness. It can lead to heat exhaustion and heatstroke, which in the worst cases can be fatal.


But what about hot drinks? Can they help cool you down? Well, it comes back to sweat again.


The thinking is, drinking a hot drink raises your body temperature, causing you to sweat. Sweating cools you down because as the moisture evaporates it takes away some of the heat of your body.


But sweating also means that you are losing liquid from your body, meaning you need to take on more to stay hydrated.


Keep the curtains closed - block out the sun


This is another one where there is no precise answer.


If you have thick dark curtains then keep them open, otherwise the fabric can keep the heat trapped in the room.


Lighter curtains can help reflect the sun's rays back out of the room, so keep them closed.


Putting something reflective on the outside of the glass can bounce the heat away, keeping the room cool.


I never shut the windows during summer - you need to circulate the air


Sorry - this is another one where there is no hard and fast rule. And you should always consider home security and safety when it comes to leaving windows and doors open.


If the room you are in is actually cooler than the temperature outside then keep the windows closed, otherwise all you are doing is letting hot air in.


But if the room is warmer then opening the windows will help cool your home down.





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