20 African youth leaders start Chinese culture trip

2017-06-27 15:36 千龙网

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At the afternoon of June 26, a lesson on Peking opera facial masks and Peking opera culture was given by Lin Aixing, inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, at Qicai Jianguomen community of Jianguomen subdistrict of Dongcheng district in Beijing.

Different from the past, the students presented at the class were 20 African youths, who came to China to learn about Peking opera facial masks and Peking opera culture for the first time.

Under the guidance of the teacher, the African youths innovatively painted the masks and exchanged their country’s culture and life with Chinese youths from time to time in the class.

The 20 African youths are members of the fourth delegation of African youth leaders from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and other countries. They arrived in Beijing on June 25 and they are scheduled to have a 12-day Chinese culture trip in Beijing, Hebei province and Guangdong province.

An official from Qicai Jianguomen community expressed the warm welcome of the delegation’s visit to the community as Africa is an importance part of the Belt and Road initiative. “This visit is a precious opportunity for Chinese and African youths to exchange and the mask-painting activity not only helps spread the traditional Chinese culture, but also promotes the friendship between Chinese and African youths,” he said.

The fourth delegation of African youth leaders visit Jianguomen community museum, Dongcheng district, Beijing, June 26, 2017. [Photo by Ouyang Xiaojuan/Qianlong]

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