Two new roads to link sub-center

2017-04-21 10:41 千龙网

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Design schemes of Phase II of Jiudelu Road and Kongxinglu Road have been approved recently, meaning the sub-center of Beijing will have another two new roads.

The Phase II of Jiudelu Road is planned to start at Luxilu Road in the north and connect with the Phase I. The road will be 7.9 kilometer-long and 35 meter-wide with a speed-limit of 60 kilometer/hour. It will connect Taihu, Zhangjiawan, Majuqiao, Yujiawu and more townships and serve the Universal Studio Theme Park.

The construction project of Kongxinglu Road will start at Kongxingbeizhuang in the south and join hands with the existing Kongxinglu Road. The new section of Kongxinlu Road will be 4.8 -  kilometer long and 24.5-meter wide with a speed limit of 80 kilometer/hour.

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