A sound sleep: a luxury for the young

2017-03-20 15:00 千龙网

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Recently China Sleep Research Society published The Sleep Survey Report of Chinese Youth 2017, which reveals that “a sound sleep” has become an extravagant hope of many young Chinese people. Experts express that irregular sleeping habits are posing potential harm to the health of Chinese youth.

The survey was conducted among about 60,000 subjects aged between 10 and 45. As high as 76 percent of the subjects have difficulty in falling into sleep and over 13 percent of them are suffering from the condition. Only 24 percent of those interviewed expressed that they are good sleepers and 11 percent of them can sleep the night through. Others said they would wake up in the middle of the night.

Chinese youth lack quality sleep in general: only 5.6 percent of those interviewed feel refreshed after waking up, while as high as 91 percent of the subjects are reluctant to get up or still feel tired after sleep. Many admitted that the quality of sleep depends on work pressure and heavy work pressure often results in poor sleep.

Besides, there is no direct relation between sleep problems and one’s income, profession and social position. “A similar proportion of people have sleep problems despite their different social classes.”

Staff members of China Sleep Research Society attribute the main causes of Chinese youth’s poor sleep to stress, anxiety and depression. However, electronic products are also an accomplice in sleep stealing. The blue light effect of electronic products can affect melatonin secretion in people and consequently their sleep quality. As high as 93 percent of those interviewed play with their cell phones - watching videos or doing online shopping. Investigators believe that the irregular sleeping habits of young Chinese lead to such negative effects as poor appetite, high incidence of cancer and low work efficiency.

责任编辑:Lu Qing(QN0045)

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