Beijing universities to open 108 undergraduate majors

2017-03-20 14:32 千龙网

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A total of 108 undergraduate majors will be opened in the universities in Beijing, including 80 put on records and 28 approved, according to an announcement of the Ministry of Education (MOE) recently.

In the list of the new undergraduate majors put on records, as many as 39 majors belong to the universities administrated by the MOE, such as the energy and environmental system engineering major of Peking University, majors of world history and data science and big data technology of Renmin University of China, majors of traffic engineering, landscape architecture, administrative management and political science of Tsinghua University, and five majors of astronomy, human geography and urban and rural planning, electronic information engineering, environmental science and theory and applied mechanics of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The remaining 41 majors belong to the municipal colleges and universities, of which eight are minority language majors of Beijing International Studies University like Persian, Hindi, Hebrew, Serbian and so on.

The 28 approved undergraduate majors include the integration science major of Peking University, labor economics major of Renmin University of China, majors of business administration and accounting of Beijing Jiaotong University, majors of pediatrics and psychologic medicine of Capital Medical University, as well as the majors of cartoon and new media art of Beijing Film Academy.

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