Peach Blossom Festival to kick off in Beijing Botanical Garden

2017-03-17 09:28 千龙网

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Peach Blossom Festival is to open in Beijing Botanical Garden on March 25. During the festival 1.5 million flowers of over 100 varieties will be displayed. “The festival will last for 60 days until May 23 and be the longest peach blossom festival since it was first held,” director of the administration office of Beijing Botanical Garden introduced.

The prolonged peach blossom festival benefits from the strengthened study, introduction and cultivation of plants by Beijing Botanical Garden. Only 1600 peach trees of 19 varieties were displayed during the first peach blossom festival held in 1989, which lasted for 20 days. Today there are around 10,000 peach trees of 73 varieties in Beijing Botanical Garden and the blooming period has also been prolonged to about 60 days.

Meanwhile, about 100 spring flowers like crocus and winter jasmine are in bloom and the best viewing time of some rare plants such as Chinese dove tree and aspen tulip poplar also comes during the peach blossom festival.

In addition, visitors may also enjoy exhibitions of clivia, tea culture, plum culture and succulent plants while appreciating the beautiful spring scenery. What’s more, Beijing Botanical Garden will also offer blooming period forecast for 100 spring flowers and open ten best appreciation areas during the festival.

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