Student start-up efforts can be turned into credit

2017-02-17 15:55

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China's Ministry of Education has amended administration requirements for university students, in a bid to boost innovation and start-up efforts while also strengthening academic integrity.

Freshmen candidates can be re-enrolled if they choose to engage in innovation and business start-ups first, and students already at university can also apply to suspend their schooling for entrepreneurship projects. The process to apply to take years off school will be simplified.

The ministry also said students' efforts in carrying out innovation, launching start-ups, publishing theses and winning patents can be converted into academic credit.

Higher education experts believe the new regulation will help build flexible learning programs and stimulate job creation.

The new provision also includes a new chapter requiring all colleges to establish a committee to deal with student complaints, in terms of compliance with school statutes and regulations.

External legal and educational experts can be hired to participate in a school's committee, said the ministry. An official from the ministry said the new rule pays more attention to the rights and interests of students.

The amendment also aims to increase academic integrity, with more focus on the morality of students. Those involved in misconduct, such as plagiarism, ghost writing, or buying or selling papers, may be expelled from school.

来源标题:Student start-up efforts can be turned into credit

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