24 subway stations offer 50% discount 北京24个5折优惠地铁站在哪?

2016-12-22 13:15 千龙网

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Recently Beijing subway announced to include eight stations of Line 6 to offer low peak discount, in addition to the existing 11 stations of Batong Line and five stations of Changping Line. Passengers who enter the above 24 stations with a yikatong card before 7 am (including) in the working days will enjoy a half-price discount.


This preferential policy aims to further ease the morning peak congestion in subway and to encourage passengers to avoid rush hours.


The policy will take effect during the working days from the opening of the new lines this month to December 31of next year.


It’s noteworthy that a passenger will not be compensated if he or she miss discount that results from passenger flow control, security checks or operational emergencies.


24 subway stations offering low peak discount 低峰票价车站

11 stations of Batong Line 八通线11座:

Tuqiao, Linheli, Liyuan, Jiukeshu, Guoyuan, Tongzhoubeiyuan, Baliqiao, Guanzhuang, Shuangqiao, Communication University of China, Gaobeidian


5 stations of Changping Line 昌平线5座:

Nanshao, Shahe Higher Education Park, Shahe, Gonghuacheng, Zhuxinzhuang


8 stations of Line 6 6号线8座:

Beiyuanhexi, Tongzhoubeiguan, Wuzi College Road, Caofang, Changying, Huangqu, Dalianpo, Youth Road


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