Ten ‘first time’s in the 366 days of Beijing

2016-12-19 10:44 千龙网

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1. Halls in Forbidden City lit up for the first time

Forbidden City [Photo/Qianlong]

Six major palaces sit on the central axle of the Forbidden City, namely the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony, Hall of Preserving Harmony, Palace of Heavenly Purity, Hall of Union, and Palace of Earthly Tranquility, were lit up for the first time in hundreds of years on May 18, 2016, the 40th International Museum Day, as the Palace Museum launched a lighting project.

The lighting project provided visitors with a good undisturbed lighting environment so as to improve their visual effect and comfort with a clear display of the halls’ original furnishings, such as the structures, paintings and relics in more real colors, meanwhile do no harm to the ancient buildings and cultural relics on exhibition.


2. Beijing has its first permanent Olympic symbol

A group photo is taken in front of a permanent Olympic Symbol in Beijing on June 12. The Olympic Symbol inauguration ceremony was held on the day. [Photo by Qi Lianmin/Qianlong]

For the first time Beijing has a permanent Olympic-Rings symbol as its inauguration was held on June 12 in front of the Olympic Tower. The tower is composed of five independent towers with height from 186 meters to 246.8 meters. It locals on the Beijing’s central axis, covering 18,687 square meters.


3. Beijing has platform barriers installed on its oldest subway line for the first time

Newly-installed platform screen doors are seen at Yong'anli Station of Beijing subway Line 1 in Beijing, capital of China, July 18, 2016. (Xinhua/Luo Xiaoguang)

For the first time, Beijing began installing platform barriers on Line 1 of its subway, the oldest metro line on the Chinese mainland, which has been plagued by a spate of suicides and accidents in recent years. The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017, the line's operator said.


4. First blue running track paved in a Beijing’s middle school

Photo taken on Nov. 2, 2016 shows an aerial view of the blue running track at Jiangtailu Campus of Tsinghua University High School, Nov. 2, 2016. [Photo by Wan Xiaojun/Qianlong]

A blue running track was installed on the playground at Jiangtailu Campus of Tsinghua University High School. It is the first time that a blue running track has been installed in Beijing’s middle schools after the first domestic one settled in Beihang University in 2012.

By convention a red running track is used for the outdoor runway while a blue or green is for indoor use. It is learned that the blue running track at Jiangtailu Campus of Tsinghua University High School used the plastic materials without any pungent smell introduced from a German company.


5. Beijing sees first snow of 2016

A vehicle is covered with snow in Beijing as the city embraces the first snow of 2016 on Nov. 21, 2016. [Photo provided by Qiao Jian/Qianlong]

Beijing was blanketed by a thin layer of snow after this winter's first snowfall due to the impact of a cold spell.


6. Beijing opens first HIV/AIDS education rooms for youth

The first batch of AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth (APEPCY) rooms are established at No.4 Middle School attached to Beijing Normal University on November 30, 2016. [Photo by Ouyang Xiaojuan/Qianlong]

The 29th “World AIDS Day” publicity campaign & the inauguration ceremony of the first batch of AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth (APEPCY) rooms in Fengtai was held at No.4 Middle School attached to Beijing Normal University on November 30, 2016.


7. Beijing adopts first “face-swiping” check-in

A passenger scans face to enter the station at Beijing West Railway Station, Nov. 29, 2016. [Photo by Xu Zhuzhu/Qianlong]

As the 2017 Spring Festival is approaching, Beijing West Railway Station for the first time opened the self-help ticket checking access for passengers to enter the station via face scanning with automatic machine. It is the first self-help ticket checking system by face scanning in Beijing.


8. Beijing opens first commercial integrity museum

The gate of Xidan Commercial Culture Museum [Photo/Qianlong]

Xidan Commercial Culture Museum opened on October 10, 2016. It is the first cultural museum with the theme of commercial integrity in Beijing. The theme “Running business with integrity in one-hundred-year-old Xidan” is determined by exploring the Xidan’s business culture of commercial integrity and collecting the historical data of Xidan’s hundreds of changes.


9. Beijing sets up first elderly-care goods showroom

Elders play the game of “hahabo” at the exhibition center of elderly-care goods. [Photo by Zha Tiantian/Qianlong]

The first exhibition center of elderly-care goods officially opened at the north gate of Dongba Country Park in Chaoyang district, Beijing on December 8, 2016. According to an official from Chaoyang District Bureau of Civil Affairs, the center provides evaluation and custom services for the elderly.


10. Beijing issues first red alert for air pollution in 2016


Beijing has issued its first red alert for air pollution this year, as a new bout of heavy smog was forecast to hit the city from December 16 to 21.

China National Environmental Monitoring Center said during the period, Beijing and neighboring Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province will suffer a heavy air pollution, which will also affect Shandong and Henan provinces.

High polluting vehicles will be pulled off roads while other vehicles will be restricted based on an odd-or-even license plate rule.


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