Beijing to upgrade fitness facilities in another 44 communities in 2017

2016-12-15 14:47 千龙网

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The project of promoting sports life in communities has been completed in 35 communities in Beijing, and next year the project will continue in 44 communities, including the southern Yuanyangshanshui community in Shijingshan district, Dongli community in Laoshan subdistrict and Baiwanzhuangdong community in Xicheng District, according to Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform.

The project of promoting sports life in communities has been introduced in the urban areas of Beijing since 2013, aiming to improve the old fitness facilities and make use of every single space in the communities to install facilities. The project mainly includes constructing fitness venues, paving fitness trails, improving fitness environment, and purchasing fitness facilities and promotional signs. So far, a total of 97 communities from Dongcheng, Xicheng and Shijingshan districts have applied for the project, of which 18 are under construction.

Doubanhutong community in Dongcheng district was among the first batch of communities where the project had been completed in 2013. The project has added for the community one badminton court and one softball field to the south of Building Number 1, and built three chess and card zones, a 200-meter-long fitness trail, as well as the areas of rehabilitation and fitness equipment at Dongsi Olympic Park. Residents of the community expressed that the newly-added fitness facilities make them take exercise more conveniently.


Children play at Dongsi Olympic Park, Beijing. [Photo by Zha Tiantian/Qianlong]

Citizens play table tennis at a table tennis room in Dongsidouban Community, Beijing. [Photo by Zha Tiantian/Qianlong]

It is learned that Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform will continue to make full use of the vacated space from removing non-capital functions to offer citizens more fitness services nearby.

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