Chinese use ‘grin’ most 2016中国网友最爱“呲牙”表情

2016-12-06 12:49 千龙网

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A smiling face with tears, or “Tears of Joy”, was chosen as the most popular emoji globally, with 21.25 percent of reaches used on social media, according to a report released by Chinese tech startup Kika in Beijing.

报告《Emoji,新世界语的崛起》对不同国家和地区的移动互联网用户的Emoji使用行为进行研究,显示“笑哭”稳居全球最受欢迎的表情符号之首,“爱心”表情紧随其后, “两眼冒爱心”表情位居第三。

Based on internet user behavior across the world, the report “Emoji, the Rise of New World Language” shows that “Tears of Joy” ranked No. 1 as used by netizens, followed by “Heart” in second place and “Love” in third.


The report also indicated that Chinese people check their Wechat 14.5 times on average and spend 48 minutes on social media per day. “Grin” is the emoji that Chinese used the most.


“Face with Tears of Joy” became one of the most frequently used “words” in 2015 and was also the word of the year as judged by the Oxford English Dictionary.


Like text messages, different emoticons represent different meanings and emotions. They are often more intuitive and simple than words, which is also the reason they have become so popular worldwide. Therefore, more and more people choose to express their emotions and ideas by using emojis.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)