Space experts and citizens discuss survival on Mars

2016-11-28 15:36 千龙网

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People discuss during a reading party themed “Interstellar immigration to Mars” in Qinglong hutong innovation park, Beijing, Nov. 26, 2016. [Photo by Ouyang Xiaojuan/Qianlong]

A distinctive reading party themed “Interstellar immigration to Mars” was held in Qinglong hutong innovation park, Beijing on November 26, 2016. Mars One volunteers, doctors from Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Launch Vehicle Technology and renowned Mars researchers taught citizens how to survive on Mars face-to-face during the reading party.

Li Dapeng, the first person of Mars immigration program in China and volunteer of Mars One, and the authoritative experts of space and launch vehicle technology gathered together and exchanged with citizens on surviving on Mars. Various interesting questions were raised in the discussion and all participants expressed their own unique views, sharing the joy of reading.

It is learnt that “Books enter the park” is a national reading and public welfare project in Beijing, aiming to improve grass-roots enterprises’ cultural facilities and public cultural services and reflecting the convenience of reading. “Books in hutongs” is a brand of public welfare youth reading party of the project. Currently, dozens of “Books in hutongs” reading parties have been held to kick off the national reading wave. Now citizens can enjoy free library services in the public reading rooms of six cultural and creative parks in Beijing.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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